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Zildjian Worship K Custom Cymbal Pack

Item ID: KC0801W

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Zildjian Worship K Custom Cymbal Pack with 14" Dark HiHats, 16" Fast Crash, 18" Fast Crash, and 20" Medium Ride cymbals.

About the Zildjian Worship K Custom Cymbal Pack

Lay the foundation of your worship team with the Zildjian Worship Pack. This warm sounding collection features the innovative K Custom Cymbals which are both powerful and vibrant, yet dark and gentle. The pack includes: 14" K Custom Dark HiHats, 16" K Custom Fast Crash, 18" K Custom Fast Crash, and a 20" K Custom Medium Ride.

Product Features:

  • Traditional Finish
  • General Volume
  • Dark/Mid Sound
  • Thin Weight

The Perfect Selection

Each cymbal was hand selected to give you the proper tones and warm sounds to perfectly capture the spirit of Worship music and work in harmony with the vocals, guitars, and keyboard. All Zildjian Cymbals are made in the USA.