Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo | Palen Music Tremolo & Vibrato $199.00 Walrus Audio

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Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo


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Vintage Inspired Tones

Harken back to vintage tones inspired by Fender Brownface amps in Harmonic mode. A low-pass and high-pass version of your guitar signal are modulated opposite of each other, or 180º out of phase (high and low frequencies rise and fall opposite of each other). The result is a warm, almost “chewy” tremolo. With different combinations of the rate, division and shape knobs and tap tempo, everything from traditional tremolo to inspiring unique waveforms will help you carve new paths that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Walrus Audio Monument Features:

  • The Division knob can be set to quarter, triplet, eighth and sixteenth.
  • Wave shapes can be controlled via the Shape knob. You can move between Sine, Square, Ramp, Lumps and Monument Mode (random).
  • A special feature on the Monument is the bypass switch also has a momentary function. When the switch is in off position, press and hold to temporarily activate the effect to add a moment of texture. Releasing the switch turns the effect off.
  • Setting the depth knob at 0 and the volume knob above unity creates a clean boost.