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Walrus Audio Mako Series R1 High-Fidelity Reverb Pedal

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Walrus Audio Mako Series R1 High-Fidelity Reverb Pedal

The R1 is an extremely powerful and versatile multi-function reverb that can quickly go from small intimate room sounds to massive washes of experimental euphoria with six customized, studio-quality programs - Spring, Hall, Plate, BFR, RFRCT (Refract), and Air. Every program can be tuned and tweaked and then saved to one of nine on-board presets. The R1 boasts a volume swell effect that can be applied to any program, sustain and latching momentary features, stereo in and out, MIDI control, and up to nine on-board presets (128 via MIDI). Players of all styles and genres will be able to find eternal inspiration with the R1.


  • Spring - The Spring program emulates an excited spring reverb commonly found in tube amps with loads of transducing drip. Easily go from subtle to full-on surf rock. Experiment with the decay knob to get more than average amounts of reverb not found in traditional amp spring reverb tanks. 
 X knob adds a warm grit to the reverb decay.
  •  Hall - The Hall program provides the acoustics of large live sound spaces like concert halls to arenas. Longer decays and higher X knob settings result in a massive wash of ambiance. Shorter decay and lower X settings allow for a more intimate reverb expression.
 X knob controls the room's size; smaller at lower settings to larger room sizes as you increase X.
  • Plate – The Plate program emulates a smooth analog plate reverb with nice even diffusion inspired by famous plates like the EMT 140.

 X knob adds in gentle warm grit to the front end of the program simulating driving a hot signal into the plate.

  • BFR - BFR is a no holds barred, big, f____, reverb. This is more than a giant arena reverb. It's a hall-esque reverb with rich and lush decay in a vast cavern filled with choirs of angels.

X knob controls the amount of diffusion applied to the multi-tap delays used to form the program. At lower X settings, you'll hear these delays bouncing around for a more textured sound. As you increase the X knob, the delays are diffused, creating a smooth texture, and lifting your riffs and chords into the atmosphere. 

  • RFRCT (Refract) - The RFRCT program allows for lovely, charming, and glitch-like textures hovering over a largely diffused reverb. The Rate controls on RFRCT change how often the glitch effects occur while Depth controls the overall volume of the glitch effect.
X knob is used to shape the tone of the glitch effect. At zero, the glitch effect will have a lo-fi, almost tape-like sound to them. Increasing the X knob brightens these elements with more pristine details.
  • Air The Air program offers a larger diffused reverb with a subtle shimmer but has a more “crisp” clarity to its decay. Explore slow-building sounds that don’t get in the way of your playing. Air complements keys and synths as well.

X knob controls the amount of the wind and shimmer elements in the Air program. At zero the effect will be off. Turning clockwise will increase the volume of the air effect.

  • Presets
The R1 can save up to nine on-board presets, and up to 128 are accessible via MIDI. On-board presets are accessible with the bank switch. Cycle between presets in each bank by pressing Bypass and tap at the same time. You will see the right LED change from Red to Green to Blue. Any adjustments made in a preset will change the tap LED to purple, indicating you have edited the preset. The R1 employs a powerful reverb engine that allows for the true preset spill over. When you switch presets, the new preset loads, and the previous preset is allowed to decay naturally.
  • Tune 
Use the Tune knob to shape the amount of low and high frequencies in the reverb signal. The X position is unique to program-specific features listed above.
  • Tweak
Each program can be fully customized to your taste and playing style with the Tweak knob.
• Rate: Controls the rate of the LFO applied to the wet reverb signal.
• Depth: Controls the Depth of the LFO applied to the reverb signal.
• Pre Delay: Controls how long it takes after you play for the reverb to become audible.
    • Bypass Modes
      • The R1 has three different bypass modes.
      • True Bypass
      • DSP+True Bypass (trails)
      • DSP Bypass (trails)


    • Pedal Type: Reverb
    • Analog/Digital: Digital
    • Presets: 9 x User Presets
    • Effects: Spring, Hall, Plate, BFR, Refract, Air
    • Inputs: 2 x 1/4" (L/mono, R)
    • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (L/mono, R)
    • MIDI I/O: In/Thru
    • True Bypass: Yes, Switchable to DSP with Trails/DSP + True Bypass Trails
    • Features: Sustain/Latch Momentary Switch
    • Power Source: 9V DC 300 mA Isolated power supply required (sold separately)
    • Height: 2.52"
    • Width: 2.64"
    • Depth: 4.9"
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 900-1056
    Please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable sales staff with any additional questions!