USED Yamaha Allegro YSL-548GOAL

Item ID: 568171

USED Yamaha Allegro YSL-548GOAL

Item ID: 568171

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About #568171

Playability: This Trombone has been inspected by our Repair Dept. and is in good working order.

Every day, your student is growing. Like clothes that become too small, eventually a beginning student model horn will start to hold them back. Yamaha offers the perfect line of instruments to keep pace with their burgeoning musical growth...Allegro.

Offering many features of more advanced professional models, the Yamaha Allegro line of brass and woodwinds is the next logical step in a student's musical progression. Recommended by band directors the nation over, these precision instruments reflect Yamaha's commitment to the future of music.

Gold Brass Bell

The Allegro trombone features an 8½"gold brass bell. Gold brass produces a warm, rich tone.

Mechanical Linkage

Using a mechanical linkage on a rotor valve gives it strong smooth operation.

Bell Construction

Made of sheet brass and hand formed, the Allegro trombone's bell produces a markedly improved resonance.

Open Wrap

The open wrap has a more open feel and quicker response while using the F-attachment.

Step up the learning tempo. Step up to Allegro.

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