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USED Knilling Bucharest 4K 3/4 Violin Outfit

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This is a USED instrument and is sold As-Is. 4KT9-CSTM


For over four decades the Bucharest line of instruments has been the flagship of the Knilling line. Crafted from spruce and maple harvested in the Carpathian Mountains, Bucharest instruments are world-renowned for their tonal brilliance and structural stability. These features allow the developing player to shape their sounds and grow at their own pace without fighting the instrument. The complete Bucharest outfit includes an ABS case and standard Fiberglass bow.


  Top Solid Carved Carpathian Spruce
Back and Sides Solid Carved Carpathian Maple
Neck and Scroll Carpathian Maple
Finish Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Fingerboard Ebony
Nut Saddle Ebony
Country of Origin Romania
Pegs Ebony
Tailpiece Composite with Four Tuners
Case ABS Case

Standard Fiberglass Bow