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Taylor Ebony Guitar Hanger - Nouveau Inlay 70194

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This guitar wall hanger is made from the same genuine West African Crelicam ebony (from Cameroon) that is used for all Taylor fretboards and bridges. The Taylor “Nouveau” inlay, that is used on Taylor’s top-of-the-line Presentation Series guitars, is inlaid in Italian acrylic.

Crafted with premium tonewoods used for some of Taylor’s most popular guitars, many of these beautiful hangers also feature an original inlay design inspired by decorative elements from models across the Taylor line. The cushioned guitar yoke secures your guitar without damaging the finish or neck, while solid backplates of Hawaiian koa or genuine West African Crelicam ebony will uniquely complement the natural beauty of any acoustic or electric guitar, regardless of style or manufacturer. The Crelicam ebony wall hanger is also available without an inlay for those who prefer a more minimal look. All wall hangers are produced with responsibly sourced tonewoods. Each purchase supports tree planting and other sustainability initiatives.