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Taylor 656e Grand Concert 12-String

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A Heritage of Easy-Playing 12-Strings

In the early days of Taylor Guitars, Bob Taylor's acoustic 12-strings proved to be game changers. Until then, playing a 12-string was a physical chore, between their chunky necks, extra string tension, and high action. Most had to be tuned down just to make them playable. But Taylor's 12-strings featured slim necks and low action, allowing them to be played comfortably at concert pitch. As word spread that Taylor made the most playable 12-strings around, many artists added one to their acoustic arsenal.

Making 12-Strings More Broadly Accessible

Fast-forward to the arrival of Andy Powers, Bob Taylor's handpicked guitar design successor, who has inherited a rich 12-string heritage and added to it, much like he did with the revoicing of Taylor's flagship rosewood 800 Series. The goal: to broaden the appeal of the 12-string playing experience to suit a diverse mix of players and musical applications. The result is an inspiring suite of new 12-string models, covering all five Taylor body styles and spanning nearly the entire line. "Each 12-string instrument can play a uniquely different role for each player," Andy says. "That's why we've pursued different designs. I think this collection gives players a lot of different and inviting options."