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Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo

Item ID: ELC

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Magnetic Monster

When we decided to develop an effects pedal that delivers the sound and feel of our favorite tape echo machines, we knew we must relentlessly study and faithfully recreate every last nuance.

We spent months in the Strymon sound design labs with an intense focus on capturing the warm, saturated, distinctive qualities of tape echo machines. The result is our hand crafted dTape™ technology. Utilizing a ridiculously powerful SHARC DSP, every drop of processing power is harnessed.

Extensive Control

El Capistan provides three different tape machine types in one, each with three unique modes. With ten parameters to tweak, you get extensive control over tape quality, machine health and tone shaping.

Go from the sound of a pristine, studio-quality tape machine to the heavily fluctuating sound of a machine in need of service. Get the full bodied sound of fresh tape all the way to the gnarled qualities of worn out tape.

Because it’s DSP driven, you get a range of tape experiences unattainable with a traditional tape machine. All of this without the headaches of tape machine maintenance and repair!

Tape Machines & Modes:

Fixed Head

  • A - short delay with 1/16th note tap tempo
  • B - medium delay with dotted 1/8th tap tempo
  • C - long delay with 1/4 note tap tempo

Time knob varies the tape speed while the playback head is fixed in position.

Multi Head

  • A - Heads 1 & 2 selected
  • B - Heads 2 & 3 selected
  • C - Heads 1 & 3 selected

2 of 3 playback heads are selected at once. Time knob varies tape speed.

Single Head

  • A - Tape motor at double speed. Higher fidelity with shorter delay times.
  • B - Tape motor at normal speed. Lower fidelity with longer delay times.
  • C - Sound on Sound mode with instant tape splice, bulk erase, and two tape speeds. A tape-style looper!

Tape speed is fixed while the Time knob varies the position of a sliding record head.

Product Specifications:

Pedal Type: Tape Echo
Reverb/Delay: Delay
Analog/Digital: Digital
Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (Switchable to TRS Stereo), Expression Pedal
Outputs: 2 x 1/4" Stereo
Power Source: 9V DC (Included)
Bypass Switching: True Bypass
Manufacturer Part Number: ELC