Silktone 12w KT66 Hand Wired Combo Amp - British Racing Red | Palen Music Guitar Amplifier $2,799.00 Silktone

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Silktone 12w KT66 Hand Wired Combo Amp - British Racing Red

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Silktone 12w KT66 Hand Wired Combo Amp - British Racing Red

The exceptional design achievements of this amplifier lie in its ability to retain harmonic richness and deliver ultra-low noise. These qualities set it apart from other amps, allowing for the preservation of subtle nuances that are often lost. Its overdrive is incredibly dense and textured, while the clean tones remain sweet and full even at lower volume levels.

The Silktone amp offers an extensive range of tones. In "Chiffon" mode, you can explore a diverse selection of refined tones thanks to its TMB tone stack with a wide-range Mid control. By reducing the mid frequencies, you can achieve a pleasant, bouncy American scooped tone. Increasing the mids fattens up the tone, reminiscent of a bold and dynamic JTM sound. Pushing the volume brings about a harmonically complex and musical overdrive.

In "Raw Silk" mode, the tone stack is bypassed, providing a significant gain boost. At lower volumes, you'll experience an incredibly sweet and transparent sound that showcases the unique characteristics of your guitar and pedals. Cranking up the volume in this mode offers a range of options, from raw crunch to thick, fuzz-like distortion.

Furthermore, this amp boasts a tube-driven spring reverb that is both rich and versatile. The combination of the "Dwell" and "Mix" controls allows you to achieve various effects, ranging from a smooth and gentle echo to a spacious and dripping surf-like reverb.


  • Amazing harmonic richness
  • Tube-driven spring reverb is very versatile with the dwell and mix controls
  • Sounds great at all volumes
  • The two different tone stacks allow for an amazing array of tones
  • Hand made in the USA


  • Output: ~12 W/~0.5 W switchable @ 8 ohms
  • Controls: Vol, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb Dwell & Mix, Tone switch for Chiffon (EQ Mode) and Raw Silk (Bypass EQ, Boost)
  • Tubes: 1 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7, 1 x KT66 , 1 x 5AR4
  • Transformers: Soursound
  • Speaker: 12" Silktone Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 21.25” x 18.5” x 10.75”  @  41 lbs 

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