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Sabian 22 inch AAX Thin Ride Cymbal (Brilliant Finish)

Item ID: 22210XCB

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Sabian 22 inch AAX Thin Ride Cymbal (Brilliant Finish) - 22210XCB

The 22″ AAX Thin Ride from SABIAN offers excellent crash-ability and is thinner, more complex and slightly darker than the typical AAX.  At the same time, more highs are introduced.  For drummers, that means brighter highs and more complex lows.


  • Modern Sound for Today's Drummer 
  • Bright 
  • B20 Bronze 
  • Thin 


Type   Ride 
Size  22"
Weight  Thin
Finish  Brilliant 
Material  B20
Sound  Bright 
Bell Size  Small 
Balance  Attack 
Manufacture Part Number   22210XCB