Rick Turner 2017 NAMM Exclusive Model 1 Featherweight Deluxe CP - Box Elder | Palen Music Electric Guitar $6,999.00 Rick Turner

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Rick Turner 2017 NAMM Exclusive Model 1 Featherweight Deluxe CP - Box Elder

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Rick Turner 2017 NAMM Exclusive Model 1 Featherweight Deluxe CP - Box Elder

Experience this rare Rick Turner 2017 NAMM Exclusive Featherweight Deluxe CP. Meticulously crafted to captivate your senses, this extraordinary instrument is a harmonious blend of stunning aesthetics, premium materials, and cutting-edge technology.

The unique Box Elder top wood adds an artistic touch, its intricate grains resonating with the spirit of innovation. This exclusive piece is a testament to the dedication of Rick Tuner's expert luthiers, who have meticulously shaped each curve to perfection.

The body of the Featherweight Deluxe CP is crafted from cedar, a wood known for its warm and resonant tones. This choice perfectly complements the Box Elder top, ensuring a well-rounded sonic palette that can cover a wide range of musical genres. The 5-piece laminated maple and purpleheart neck enhances sustain and stability, while the rosewood fingerboard offers unparalleled playability.

At the heart of this guitar lies the Active 18-volt D-TAR Eclipse preamp, a sophisticated electronics system that elevates your sound to new heights. Experience pristine clarity and dynamic range, whether you're performing on stage or recording in the studio. The Tuner Hot Humbucker pickup delivers powerful and articulate tones, providing the versatility to explore a plethora of musical styles with finesse.

The addition of a piezo pickup takes your sonic journey even further. Immerse yourself in rich acoustic-like tones, allowing you to effortlessly transition between electric and acoustic realms. Whether you're exploring solo fingerpicking or engaging in roaring solos, the Featherweight Deluxe CP ensures that your creative expression knows no bounds.

Innovation, craftsmanship, and artistic vision converge in the Rick Turner 2017 NAMM Exclusive Featherweight Deluxe CP - Box Elder. Elevate your musicality and make a bold statement with an instrument that transcends convention. Join the ranks of musicians who demand nothing but the best, and experience the future of sound today. 

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  • 2017 NAMM Exclusive 
  • Stunning box elder top
  • Tuner Hot Humbucker delivers great tone
  • Active 18-volt D-TAR Eclipse preamp allows for amazing tonal options
  • Seamless transitions between electric and acoustic realms with the added piezo pickup, expanding your sonic possibilities


  • Body FinishGloss
  • Top WoodBox Elder
  • Body WoodCedar 
  • Neck Wood5 Piece Laminated Maple/Purpleheart
  • FingerboardRosewood
  • ElectronicsActive  18-volt D-TAR Eclipse preamp
  • PickupTuner Hot Humbucker
  • Piezo PickupYes

Condition:Excellent. Light wear typical of a gently used instrument. Light surface scratches, scuffs, etc.

The instrument pictured is the exact instrument you’ll receive. All fretted instruments receive a free complimentary professional setup.

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