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PRS Wind Through the Trees // Dual Flanger

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PRS Wind Through the Trees // Dual Flanger

The PRS Wind Through the Trees dual flanger is best described as two flangers fighting each other, resulting in a sound that is reminiscent of the wind whipping through the trees. Use the PRS Wind Through the Trees to create airy harmonics, moody frequency swirls, jet-engine swooshes, and fluctuating warbles. This pedal is highly usable and hours of fun.

 “We believe the pedals we’ve created are highly usable, great-sounding pieces of professional gear. A real magic pedal makes the board. We’re trying to make pedals that make the board and stay on it,” said Paul Reed Smith.

 All PRS pedals feature through-hole soldering, which broadened the component selection and allowed for the best-sounding parts to be used. PRS pedals are also true bypass, so they are out of the signal chain when turned off, allowing players to have uncolored tone at the tip of their toes.


  • Unique dual flanger design
  • Goes from subtle to jet engine
  • True Bypass
  • Works great a chorus


  • Analog/DigitalAnalog
  • Input1 1/4" Instrument
  • Output1 1/4" Instrument
  • Bypass SwitchingTrue Bypass
  • Amperag22 mA
  • Power Sources9V DC Power Supply, regulated and/or isolated (not included)
  • Batteries1 9V (not included)
  • Length5.5"
  • Width4.5"
  • Height1.5"
  • Weight1.3 lbs

Condition: Brand New

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