PRS Private Stock DGT - Pale Moon Ebony with Brazilian Rosewood Neck | Palen Music Electric Guitar $14,960.00 Paul Reed Smith

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PRS Private Stock DGT - Pale Moon Ebony with Brazilian Rosewood Neck

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PRS Private Stock DGT - Pale Moon Ebony with Brazilian Rosewood Neck

Crafted for discerning musicians who demand the utmost quality, the PRS Private Stock DGT in Pale Moon Ebony with a Brazilian Rosewood Neck stands as a true masterpiece. This exclusive model showcases PRS's unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

Carefully selected from the PRS Private Stock Vault, the Pale Moon Ebony top  boasts mesmerizing grain patterns and a stunning aesthetic. The back wood, crafted from African Mahogany, complements the top, resulting in a harmonious blend of tonewoods that produces a rich and resonant sound.

The prized Brazilian Rosewood is utilized for both the neck and fingerboard, known for its exceptional tonal properties and classic feel. The headstock veneer, adorned with Brazilian Rosewood, contributes to a seamless visual continuity, adding a touch of sophistication to the instrument.

Intricate details abound, with enchanting Pale Moon Ebony bird inlays on the fingerboard and Pale Moon Ebony Private Stock Eagle inlays on the headstock veneer, showcasing the craftsmanship and exclusivity of this guitar. White Mother of Pearl side dots provide practicality while maintaining an elegant aesthetic.

Equipped with PRS DGT pickups for unparalleled tonal clarity, this guitar offers a versatile sonic palette. The electronics include two volumes, one push/pull tone control, and a 3-way toggle switch, providing a wide range of tonal options. The Smoked Black PRS Gen III tremolo bridge and Phase III setscrew locking tuning pegs with Ebony buttons ensure rock-solid tuning stability.

The High Gloss Nitro finish not only enhances the guitar's stunning appearance but also allows the wood to breathe and resonate freely. The hardware, a masterpiece in itself, features Smoked Black accents on the tremolo bridge, tuning pegs, backplates, and control knobs. The addition of a bone nut further elevates the instrument's refinement.

Available exclusively in the USA, this guitar is a limited edition gem, with its woods handpicked by Palen Music from the PRS Private Stock Vault. Owning the PRS Private Stock DGT Pale Moon Ebony with Brazilian Rosewood Neck is a testament to your dedication to premium craftsmanship and uncompromising quality, enhancing your playing experience with this extraordinary instrument.

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Palen Music Center has a wide range of unique guitars to enhance the sound of your music! We have been trusted by musicians across the country since 1963 and are constantly working to provide the best value for our customers. With the addition of our new PLEK machine and our longtime veteran luthiers, we are pleased to provide top-quality guitar repair.


  • Created with woods hand selected by Palen Music Center
  • Pale Moon Ebony and Brazilians is amazing tonal combination
  • DGT pickups are amazing
  • Comes with a Private Stock Paisley Case and Specification sheet signed by Paul Reed Smith


  • ModelDGT
  • Neck WoodBrazilian Rosewood
  • Fingerboard WoodBrazilian Rosewood
  • Top WoodPale Moon Ebony
  • Back WoodAfrican Mahogany
  • Headstock Veneer WoodBrazilian Rosewood
  • Neck CarveDGT
  • Side DotsWhite Mother of Pearl
  • Color/Stain TopNatural 
  • Fingerboard InlaysPale Moon Ebony birds 
  • Headstock Veneer InlaysPale Moon Ebony Private Stock Eagle
  • Finish TypeHigh Gloss Nitro
  • Treble PickupsDGT
  • Bass PickupsDGT
  • ElectronicsTwo Volumes, One Push/Pull Tone Control and a 3-Way toggle
  • HardwareSmoked Black PRS Gen III tremolo bridge, PRS Phase III setscrew locking tuning pegs with Ebony buttons, African Mahogany backplates, Brazilian Rosewood control knobs, switch cap, pickup rings, and truss rod cover, as well as a bone nut
  • Set-UpPRS Signature .010
  • Case TypePrivate Stock Black leather
  • SpecialsHigh Gloss Nitro finish, Pale Moon Ebony top, Brazilian Rosewood neck, fingerboard, and headstock veneer, Pale Moon Ebony bird inlays, Smoked Black hardware, and features PRS DGT pickups. This guitar was built for the USA only.
  • The woods on this guitar were selected by Palen Music from the PRS Private Stock Vault

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