PRS Private Stock Custom 24 "Palen Music Mountain Scene" - Natural Koa Top | Palen Music Electric Guitar $14,565.00 Paul Reed Smith

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PRS Private Stock Custom 24 "Palen Music Mountain Scene" - Natural Koa Top

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PRS Private Stock Custom 24 "Palen Music Mountain Scene" - Natural Koa Top

Introducing the PRS Private Stock Custom 24 "Palen Music Mountain Scene" - Natural Koa Top: a masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry that transcends the ordinary, brought to you by Palen Music Center and PRS Guitars. This exquisite guitar is a testament to the harmonious fusion of premium materials, expert luthier skills, and a vision of natural beauty.

The Custom 24 Foundation

At the heart of this exceptional instrument lies the iconic PRS Custom 24 model, a design revered for its versatile tonal prowess and unmatched playability. The foundation of this guitar is a meticulously selected Mahogany neck, which forms the backbone of your musical journey, delivering both warmth and resonance.

Exquisite Woods for Unparalleled Aesthetics

This guitar is a visual masterpiece, featuring a breathtaking Koa top that boasts intricate natural patterns. This rare wood, carefully chosen from the PRS Private Stock Vault, not only adds to the guitar's tonal character but also makes a bold aesthetic statement.

The combination of Ebony and Quilted Maple for the fingerboard and headstock veneer ensures smooth, luxurious playability while exuding elegance and style. The Swamp Ash back wood complements the Koa top, contributing to the instrument's balanced tone.

Artistic Inlays and Ornate Details

The soul of this instrument lies within the fretboard. The Palen Music Mountain Scene brought to life with Ebony, Quilted Maple, Black Mother of Pearl, White Mother of Pearl, Paua Heart, Ziricote, and Burl. Each detail meticulously crafted, telling a unique story with fish, swimming in the ebony to eagles flying in quilted maple.

The headstock veneer is adorned with an ebony Palen Music Eagle outlined in White Mother of Pearl, soaring gracefully beneath a Gold Mother of Pearl Moon. These ornate touches transform the headstock into a work of art in itself.

High Gloss Nitro Finish and Luxurious Hardware

The guitar is finished with a lustrous High Gloss Nitro finish, enhancing both the tonal properties and the visual allure of the instrument. Gold hardware, including the PRS Gen III tremolo bridge and Phase III setscrew locking tuning pegs with Koa buttons, adds an opulent touch.

Even the smallest details have been considered, with Swamp Ash backplates, Koa control knobs and pickup rings, and an Ebony/Quilted Maple truss rod cover, all contributing to the guitar's overall sense of natural beauty.

A Sonic Marvel

Underneath its captivating exterior, this guitar boasts PRS 58/15 LT pickups. They deliver a wide range of tones, from crystalline highs to punchy lows, ensuring that whatever style of music you play, this instrument can handle it with finesse.

Customized to Perfection

This PRS Private Stock creation is a unique fusion of art and engineering, bringing together the vision of Palen Music and the craftsmanship of PRS Guitars. It is equipped with one volume control, one tone control, and a 5-way blade switch for versatile sonic exploration.

Case and Setup

Protecting this extraordinary instrument is a Private Stock Brown Paisley case, designed to reflect the guitar's elegance and ensure its safety. The guitar comes set up with PRS Signature .010 strings, ready to inspire your musical creativity from the moment you open the case.

In Summary

The PRS Private Stock Custom 24 "Mountain Scene" - Natural Koa Top is more than just a guitar; it's a work of art that will inspire your musical journey. With its hand-selected woods, intricate inlays, and impeccable craftsmanship, it's a testament to the artistry and dedication of both Palen Music and PRS Guitars. Elevate your playing experience and make a statement with this exceptional instrument that effortlessly marries aesthetics and performance.

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  • A PRS Masterpiece!!!
  • Created with woods hand selected by Palen Music Center
  • The Palen Music Mountain scene is a breathtaking work of art
  • 58/15LT humbuckers deliver a powerful sound
  • Comes with a Private Stock Paisley Case and Specification sheet signed by Paul Reed Smith


  • ModelCustom 24
  • Neck WoodMahogany
  • Fingerboard WoodEbony and Quilted Maple
  • Top WoodKoa
  • Back WoodSwamp Ash
  • Headstock Veneer WoodEbony and Quilted Maple
  • Neck CarvePattern Vintage
  • Side DotsMother of Pearl
  • Color/StainNatural
  • Fingerboard InlaysPalen Music Mountain Scene
  • Headstock Veneer InlaysEbony Palen Music Eagle with White Mother of Pearl Outline and Gold Mother of Pearl Moon
  • Finish TypeHigh Gloss Nitro
  • Treble Pickups58/15 LT
  • Bass Pickups58/15 LT
  • ElectronicsOne Volumes, One Tone Controls and a 5-Way bladeswitch
  • HardwareGold PRS Gen III tremolo bridge, PRS Phase III setscrew locking tuning pegs with Koa buttons, Swamp Ash backplates, Koa control Knobs and pickup rings, as well as an Ebony/Quilted Maple truss rod cover
  • Set-UpPRS Signature .010
  • Case TypePrivate Stock Brown Paisley
  • SpecialsHigh Gloss Nitro Finish, Koa Top, Ebony/Quilted Maple fingerboard and headstock veneer, Mountain scene inlay consisting of Black Mother of Pearl, White Mother of Pearl, Paua Heart, Ziricote, and Burl, gold hardware, and features 58/15 LT pickups.
  • The woods on this guitar were selected by Palen Music from the PRS Private Stock Vault

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