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PRS Mary Cries // Optical Compressor

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PRS Mary Cries // Optical Compressor

The PRS Mary Cries optical compressor is based on the storied LA-2A and helps to harness players’ dynamic audio range. When engaged, Mary Cries can boost and even out clean tone, add sustain to leads, help control signal peaks, and push guitar tone without losing definition or clarity. By using the output/gain control and leaving the compression control low, players can also use Mary Cries as a straight boost pedal.

“A good compression pedal is one of the most crucial components to my pedal board but often overlooked because it’s not nearly as sexy as a crazy delay or wild octave shifter. The new PRS Mary Cries does a phenomenal job of keeping all the notes and tones from all over my fretboard tight and balanced. For anyone who utilizes compression for fingerpicking or all-over-the-neck-two-hand-tapping, this thing is my new favorite. I really appreciate the blue compression light coming on to show me when and how hard it’s working. That feedback is fantastic for knowing when the pedal is digging in. Entirely lovely and a wonderful new addition to my board.” - David Knudson, PRS artist

All PRS pedals feature through-hole soldering, which broadened the component selection and allowed for the best-sounding parts to be used. PRS pedals are also true bypass, so they are out of the signal chain when turned off, allowing players to have uncolored tone at the tip of their toes.


  • Based on the classic LA-2A studio compressor
  • Goes from slight compression all the way to complete squash
  • Helps even out guitar tone
  • Adds sustain
  • Great for all types and styles of music


  • Analog/DigitalAnalog
  • Input1 1/4" Instrument
  • Output1 1/4" Instrument
  • Bypass SwitchingTrue Bypass
  • Amperage8 mA
  • Power Sources9V DC Power Supply, regulated and/or isolated (not included)
  • Batteries1 9V (not included)
  • Length4.7"
  • Width3.7"
  • Height1.37"
  • Weight1.1 lbs

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