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Powerwerks PW4EX extension Audio Mixer

Item ID: PW4EX

Powerwerks PW4EX is a 4 Channel MIC/LINE mixer with a MONO output.

● 4 Indiviual Inputs to MONO Out
● Phantom Power on Each XLR Input
● Compact Size- Only 2 lbs!
● Rugged, Gig-Ready Design
● POWERLINK IN/OUT for Expanding Your Powerwerks Tower System

Powerwerks PW4EX is a 4 Channel MIC/LINE mixer with a MONO output. The PW4EX Model draws on decades of electronic design and manufacturing experience at Powerwerks. This model was built from the ground up to offer useful features, high signal-to-noise ratio, and reliable performance

Powerwerks PW4EX is a 4 Channel MIC/LINE mixer with a MONO output that gives you more channels with Volume, Bass and Treble EQ controls to make any system expand. Use POWERLINK for blending in even more instruments, microphones and program music from other POWERLINK equipped models.

The PW4EX works as a standalone mixer too. Use the MAIN XLR or ¼” OUT to send a “sub mix” to any powered speaker or input of another mixer. (4 drum mics for example). The PW4EX gives you the extra channels you need for a perfect mix.

Product Specifications
Accepted Inputs
4 Mic XLR Balanced, Line Level 1/4" Unbalanced, Nominal line level of -10 dBv
Frequency Response
48 Hz to 23 kHz, Channel Volume knob set at 3/4 scale
Signal to Noise Ratio
74 dB, All controls set at maximum, output at maximum unclipped level, bandwidth 22kHz
System Gain @ 1kHz
21 dB, Line input to master output
38 dB, Mic input to master output
Channel EQ (high, low)
Low boost/cut: +/- 9.8 dB at 63Hz
High boost/cut: +/- 7.0 dB at 8.0 kHz
IN: Accepts a pre-master volume signal from another PW4EX or PW50 to150 systems or PW4X6 to PW4X8BT systems
OUT: Exports a pre-master volume signal to another PW4EX or PW50 to 150 systems or PW4X6 to PW4X8BT systems
Phantom Power
17V, Available an all Mic inputs. Current limited to 5 mA
Power Requirements
18 VDC, Wall adapter is included