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Phil Jones Bass Double Four Micro Bass Amp

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Phil Jones Bass Double Four Micro Bass Amp single channel with input and master volume, 3-band eq, mute/low/high toggle, aux input and level, headphone, and line out.

About this item

The DOUBLE FOUR is the pinnacle of micro bass amps. With new driver design, acoustic loading and the latest digital amplifier technology, this tiny bass combo may be designed as a practice amp but continues to amaze everyone with the great PJB signature bass tone. From a cabinet with size of a jewel box, this seems to defy the laws of physics.

Phil Jones Double Four Micro Amp Features:

  • PJB applied our vast experience to an even smaller, “Neo Power”4 inch driver built with precision of a Swiss watch. This 4” baby is able to cope with the extreme signals coming in from an amplified bass guitar.
  • By using dual amplifiers one for each speaker, the bass control is greatly improved since the damping factor ( the amplifier’s ability to put on the “brakes” to stop the speaker cone from overshoot ) is doubled.
  • To maximize its tiny cabinet enclosure, PJB designed a custom Rectangular Auxiliary Low Frequency Radiator (RALFR®). RALFR® is a pneumatically coupled radiator loaded to the rear of the two 4 inch speakers that operates at the lowest bass frequencies only.

Double Four!

Each one of these 4” speaker is fed with its own Pulse Width Modulation PWM amplifier. PWM amplifiers are extremely efficient compared to the traditional analog solid state amplifiers, converting electrical energy to power using on the speakers instead of wasting it on hot.

Product Specifications:

Model: Double Four/BG-75
Power Output: 70 Watt(RMS)
Speaker: 2 x PJB NeoPower, 4" speackers. Rectangular Auxiliary Low Frequency Radiator (RALFR®) Switch able high gain input OR low gain stage with mute function.
EQ: 3-Band EQ (Treble, Mid, Bass)
Input: 1 x 1/4" instrument, 1 x 1/8" Aux-Input, DC-Power Input Socket
Output: 1 x 1/4" Line-Out, Headphne-Out
Power: 100/240v AC
Height: 6.8"
Width: 11"
Depth: 8"
Weight: 8.8lbs