Park S1-212 130 Watt 2x12 Cabinet - Pinstripe | Palen Music Guitar Amp Cabinet $1,600.00 Park

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Park S1-212 130 Watt 2x12 Cabinet - Pinstripe

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Park S1-212 130 Watt 2x12 Cabinet - Pinstripe

The difference between sounding good and sounding great might just be your speaker cab. Often overlooked but just as important as a great amplifier and guitar/bass, is the cab you are playing through. Historic Park construction methods and dimensions can withstand decades of touring. Park cabinets are engineered to resonate 'in all the best ways', making an important contribution to the overall tone produced.


  • — Two-tone top plate and grill cloth - Park Tolex top plate and Historic White on Natural Linen 'Rubberized Grill Cloth' in front of speaker(s).
  • — Traditional Jim Marshall designed Cabinets
  • — Historical dimensions and materials used for sonic integrity.
  • — Thicker side walls for a more classic 'Marshall/Park' look.
  • — 212 standard with a pair of Creambacks (130 watts)
  • — 8 Ohm cab

Condition: Comes with original factory packaging and documentation.

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