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Monster Prolink Classic 12' Instrument Cable (Straight to Straight)


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Monster Prolink Classic 12' Instrument Cable (Straight to Straight)

Get ready for a blast from the past with Prolink Monster Cables.

Why settle for other instrument cables when you could be using industry defining classics that changed the game. Plucked straight out of the heyday of audio cables, Monster brings back the 70s sound that we were known for but this time with far superior quality. Made with all-metal connectors and a 90% copper shielding these Monster classics truly live up to their name by being a durable, reliable, and affordable set of cables. The Monster Classic pro audio instrument cable is covered by our 100% replacement guarantee, so you’ll be a Monster for Life!

With these top of the line affordable cables you know you'll get a bang for your buck with the Prolink Monster Classic.


    Monster changed the game for audio cables everywhere, back then cables were just an afterthought before Monster stepped it up. Designed to further enhance the nuances of a player's style and equipment, Monster Cables are nothing if not the best that the industry has to offer.
    Enjoy the slick and classic quality that Monster has been known for since the 70s; the Monster Classic cables bring back the sounds and style of the 70s but better than ever with industry defining design and quality.
    Why settle for more expensive cables when you can have top of the line industry defining cables for a justified and affordable cost? Monster's quality cables are not only affordable but they also make sure that you get your money's worth.
    Made with a durable outer jacket to resist cuts and slicing, all metal connectors, a 90% copper shielding, and lightweight flexibility Monster's top of the line classic cables are reliable and durable enough to make you a Monster for life!



 Length: 12'
Connector 1: Straight TS 1/4" Male
Connector 2: Straight TS 1/4" Male
Balanced: No
Manufacturer Part Number: CLASI12WW