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JHS Mike Campbell Calhoun Dual Overdrive


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About the JHS Calhoun

The Calhoun V2 is a collaborative signature pedal for legendary guitarist, writer, and producer Mike Campbell. Mike is most known for his role in Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, but he has worked closely with such artists as Don Henley, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, George Harrison, Jackson Browne, Brian Setzer, Johnny Cash, Fleetwood Mac and The Wallflowers to name a few.

JHS Calhoun Features:

  • Volume: Master level control allowing you to set the maximum or minimum volume of the pedal.
  • Drive: Adjusts how much dirt/distortion you are allowing in the circuit.
  • Treble and Bass: Adjusts the EQ of the pedal, allowing you to darken and brighten the frequencies as needed.
  • Fuzz: Adjusts the intensity of the fuzz sound.
  • Bias: Adjusts the voltage to the circuit allowing more powerful tones that bloom with more headroom or weaker and more saturated tones.
  • EQ lets you set the range of tone from dark to bright as you wish.
  • Toggle: Allows you to choose the order of the two effects when stacked (both on at the same time).

The Calhoun V2 is a 2-in-1 overdrive/fuzz pedal that is designed around Mike's specific desires for live and studio performance.

The Calhoun is the perfect pedal for the player who wants straightforward, no frills and easy to use dirt tones in a single package. It covers everything you need for rock and blues tones with ease. Be a part of rock & roll history and join Mike by adding the Calhoun V2 to your rig!