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Mackie Thump 12A Powered Speaker

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• 1300 Watts of high quality, dynamic peak power amplification

• Switch-mode power supply with Power Factor Correction (PFC) for optimal performance in any AC line condition

• 12" low frequency, high output driver for deep bass response [Thump12A]

• 15" low frequency, high output driver for deep bass response [Thump15A]

• 1.4" titanium dome compression driver for extended high frequency response

• Dynamic DSP bass boost delivers maximum Thump regardless of output

• Complete system protection and performance optimization

• Independent HF & LF RMS limiters protect drivers from excess heat and damage

• Independent HF & LF peak limiters eliminate clipping and distortion

• Mackie 2-channel Wide-Z mixer and XLR though for daisy chain and subwoofer systems

• Simple, flexible user rear panel control

• Four application specific speaker modes

• Independent channel and master controls

• Front LED on/off

• Durable, lightweight molded enclosure

• Dual symmetrical monitor angles

• Two full grip side handles plus top carry handle and bottom rear lift pocket

• Rugged powder coated perforated steel grille with acoustically transparent cosmetic mesh

• 29.1 lb / 13.2 kg