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LSL Instruments T-Bone Bridge Pickup

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LSL Instruments T-Bone Bridge Pickup

Elevate your T-Style guitar's sound with the LSL Instruments T-Bone Bridge Pickup – the same pickup that defines their renowned Tbone guitars. Hand-wound for exceptional tone, its Alnico 3 Rod Magnets deliver warmth and versatility. With vintage-style windings, 10" cloth-covered wire leads, and a durable steel bottom plate, this pickup encapsulates LSL quality. Unveil a sonic journey with approximately 6.8K Ohms DC Resistance. Now, your guitar can resonate with the legacy of LSL craftsmanship.


  • Great upgrade to any T-Style guitar
  • Pairs great with a T-bone Neck Pickup
  • Hand-wound with Alnico 3 Rod Magnets for warmth and versatility
  • Vintage-style design, durable build, and approximately 6.8K Ohms DC Resistance for a true LSL experience
  • Capture the essence of Tbone guitars with LSL Instruments T-Bone Bridge Pickup


  • Hand-wound
  • Alnico 3 Rod Magnets
  • 10" 22 AWG cloth covered wire leads
  • Steel Bottom Plate
  • Vintage style string covering on the windings.
  • 6.8 K ohms DC Resistance (approximate--like all, hand-wound pickups, these vary)

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