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JHS Charlie Brown V4


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The Voice of Classic Rock & Roll

JHS Charlie Brown V4

Every guitarist loves the sound and feel of a Marshall JTM45 amp head. And with the JHS Pedals Charlie Brown V4 amp-in-a-box, you can put that same thick, chewy, old-school rock tone onto your pedalboard. In fact, JHS even outfitted the pedal with a Marshall-style 3-band tone stack to achieve a tone that would please Clapton himself. Whether you’re trying to replicate classic Clapton, the character of Hendrix’s cranked walls of Marshalls, or Gary Moore’s higher-gain sound, they’re all waiting for you in the Charlie Brown V4. Grab one today, and turn your rig into a legendary JTM45.

Vintage British Crunch For Your Pedalboard

More and more, guitarists like you are leaning on pedals to supply their overdriven tones. They need stompboxes that will completely change the character of their amplifiers on a dime. For vintage crunch and British attitude, the Charlie Brown V4 is the answer.

- Turns any amp into a gritty JTM45 stack

- Go from sixties-style crunch to thick and liquid rock tones with a twist of the Drive knob

- Drive and Volume control interact the same as a master volume amp head

- Back off your guitar’s volume to control your gain levels without losing clarity


Marshall-Style Tone Stack

To really nail the ultimate JTM45 tone, JHS added Marshall-style control to the Charlie Brown V4 overdrive. Now, not only will this pedal mate perfectly with your current clean amp tone, but you’ll be able to find the exact JTM45 sound you need for your application. And because the Charlie Brown reacts just like a classic tube amp, it’s even a perfect candidate for stacking with another overdrive.

- Fine-tune your tone with controls for Bass, Middle, and Treble

- Active controls boost and cut their selected frequencies

- Stacks beautifully with overdrive pedals for even more shades of grit


JHS Charlie Brown V4 Features at a Glance:

  • Responds like a tube amp
  • Stacks beautifully with overdrive pedals for unlimited possibilities
  • Turns any amp into a JTM45 stack

Product Specifications:

Pedal Type: Overdrive
Analog/Digital: Analog
True Bypass: Yes
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
Power Supply: 9V DC power supply required (sold separately)
Min Current Required: 100 mA
Height: 1.6"
Width: 2.6"
Depth: 4.8"
Weight: 0.62 lbs
Manufacturers Part Number: CB V4