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Decibel Eleven Hot Stone SMD Isolated Power Supply


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Some Good Power...

Packing a powerful punch, the rugged new Decibel Eleven Hot Stone SMD Isolated DC Power Supply is exclusively designed for smaller pedal boards. The Hot Stone SMD includes 6 isolated and regulated outputs including two high current outputs to satisfy the high current power demands of the latest digital guitar pedals.

Decibel Eleven Hot Stone SMD Features:

  • 6 Isolated outputs: No hum or interaction between pedals
  • 8 total available outlets: All can be used simultaneously
  • Toroidal Transformer with additional magnetic shielding: no stray magnetic fields
  • Short circuit protection on all outlets: Cable shorts won't harm outputs
  • 2 400mA sections at 9 and 12VDC: Capable of powering Eventide, Strymon, TC Electronic Nova, Line6 modelers (4 button), Boss Twin and more
  • Outputs can be combined for 18V or 24VDC*: Powering MXR Flanger or EHX Deluxe Memory Man and others
  • Input Voltage Selector Switch: 120V or 230V operation
  • Heavy duty chassis with 2mm steel: Built like a tank
  • All outputs capable of meeting full rated currents simultaneously without ripple: 1200mA total

Select Your Volts!

Selectable input voltage provides added flexibility for touring musicians. The DB-11 Hot Stone SMD delivers the goods with a perfect combination of size and powerful performance.