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Herco Flat/Thumbpicks Medium Gauge (3-pack)

Item ID: HE112P

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Herco Flat/Thumbpicks Medium Gauge (3-pack)

The perfect combination of a traditional flatpick and a thumbpick loop, these hybrid guitar picks provide a feeling of a familiarity and comfort. Whether you're a flatpicker interested in thumbpicks, or a thumbpick player who wants to brush up on flatpicking chops, you'll feel right at home. These picks also allow you to switch between flatpicking and thumbpicking effortlessly within the same song!


  • Celluloid provides a warm fat tone that you just don't get from metal
  • Switch picking styles effortlessly
  • Great for learning a new picking technique


 Shape: Flat/Thumbpicks
Gauge: Medium
Material: Celluloid
Quantity: 3
Color: Assorted
Manufacturer Part Number: HE112P