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GFI Systems Cabzeus Mono


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The GFI System Cabzeus MONO is a speaker/cabinet simulator + DI in one - a single-channel version of the Cabzeus. It offers the user 12 speaker algorithms, each shaped from its real-life counterpart. Each algorithm has four variations - speaker size and cabinet type) - for a whopping total of 48 selectable sounds. The user interface is incredibly effective, despite its simple design. It's super easy to browse through your algorithms and presets. You can also bypass the speaker simulation, allowing you to use Cabzeus MONO as a DI Box. It also features a headphone output with its own volume control, so you can justify those late night practice sessions. And better yet - the Cabzeus MONO has the capability to insert an adjustable amount of short delay on the Right channel audio to widen your perceived stereo field - despite only mono signal being available.