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Friedman 212 Vintage 2x12" Extension Cabinet with Vintage Cloth

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Get big guitar tones with the Friedman Amplification Vintage 2 x 12" rear-ported, closed-back guitar speaker cabinet. Just like everything the Friedman Amplification does, this cab has a killer sound and massive sonic signature. The Vintage 2 x 12: cabinet is loaded with two Vintage 30 speakers sports a bass-enhancing rear-port design. You get the classic punch and tight low end of the Celestion Creambacks in a compact cabinet. Take it from the Sweetwater crew - the Friedman Amplification Vintage 2 x 12" guitar speaker cabinet will give your rig the boost it needs.


  • Closed-back cabinet with rear port offers detailed bass and mid response
  • Rugged tongue and groove Baltic birch construction can handle heavy touring
  • Old-school looks with vintage grille cloth (matches JJ-100 amp)
  • Loaded with two Celestion Creambacks 
  • 8-ohm impedance

    Condition: Light wear typical of a gently used instrument. Light scratches, scuffs, etc

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