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Fender Tash Sultana Guitar Strap

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Fender Tash Sultana Guitar Strap

Tash Sultana’s explosive loop-based performances, gorgeous layered guitar parts and jubilant leads rocketed the Melbourne artist from street busking to sold out shows – with a Fender in hand from the beginning.

The Tash Sultana Signature Strap is equally bold and unique in style. The strap features a custom woven design based off of artwork from Tash's new album, Terra Firma. Sporting a Tash "skull" design on one of the strap ends along with their signature, this strap captures the essence of an artist that is inimitable and unconventional in all the right ways.


  • Custom design based off artwork from Tash Sultana's new album Terra Firma
  • Crafted from durable polyester with tubular nylon backing
  • Adjustable from 34-59"
  • Fender "F" cone-shaped leather ends
  • 2" width

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