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Fender Custom Shop Ltd Tomatillo Journeyman Relic

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Looks and Plays Like an Aged '50s Strat

Authentically aged and rock solid, the Fender Journeyman Relic Tomatillo Stratocaster exemplifies the pre-CBS Strat — without the fuss. The Tomatillo bears all the hallmarks of a pawn shop prize: a razor-thin, checked lacquer finish; a smooth, played-in V-profile maple neck; and a sweet, mellow sound with sensitive touch dynamics. Three vintage-voiced, hand-wound single-coils approximate what aged Alnico Vs from the 1950s might sound like. A true player's instrument, this Strat comes pre-modded with half-blend wiring, allowing you to blend the neck pickup with Positions 1 and 2 to thicken those coveted scratch tones.