Ernie Ball 3" Flat Ribbon Pedalboard Patch Cable 3-pack (White) | Palen Music Guitar Accessories $21.99 Ernie Ball

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Ernie Ball 3" Flat Ribbon Pedalboard Patch Cable 3-pack (White)

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Ernie Ball 3" Flat Ribbon Pedalboard Patch Cable 3-pack (White)

Ernie Ball Flat Ribbon Patch Cables were meticulously designed and engineered specifically for your pedalboard. Featuring low-profile connectors and flat, ribbon-shaped jackets, these cables stay out of the way so you can place your pedals the wayyou want to. You’ll notice that these cables are less susceptible to interference and handling noise than other cables — you can thank Ernie Ball’s multiple shielding materials for preserving your signal! Like other Ernie Ball cables, Flat Ribbon Patch Cables are housed in a durable PVC jacket that will stand up to abuse for a lifetime of reliable use.


Align them, stack them, bend them, and twist them without compromising these cables’ integrity. Whether you need to make a right turn on the pedal, maneuver around the pedal or underneath it, each little hole and crevice on your pedalboard can be utilized.

Metal Housing

Ernie Ball's flat ribbon patch cables feature all-metal housing — making your conductor and audio signal completely shielded from tip to tip. Additional built-in strain relief for the metal connector, also makes it stronger and more robust than other flat patch cables on the market.

Small Connector

The connector on these cables is half the size of most standard pancake cables and only protrudes a quarter of an inch out of the plug. Easily nest them next to or on top of one another.


  • Made with superior components that are built to last
  • Multiple shielding materials preserve signal quality with low handling noise
  • Durable PVC jacket ensures long-lasting performance


 Length: 3"
Wire Gauge: 24 AWG
Connector 1: TS Male Right Angle 1/4"
Connector 2: TS Male Right Angle 1/4"
Pack Quantity: 3
Manufacturer Part Number: P06384