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Dunlop 6-pack Ultex Sharp 1.0mm Guitar Picks

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The Ultex Sharp has a rigid body that tapers into a thinner, sculpted tip for greater control and speed. The pick's seamless, contoured edge offers a variety of playing surfaces and tones.


Ultex Picks complement the advanced technique of today’s highly skilled players with crystal clear tones and incredible durability. Inspired by the superior performance of this revolutionary aeronautical-grade material, numerous masters of the craft—from James Hetfield to John Petrucci—have taken it up and made it their own. Ultex Picks project every note at high volume with brightness and articulation while resisting wear under the most aggressive playing conditions. Whether you’re playing single-note licks, arpeggiated runs, or heavy riffs, Ultex Picks ensure that you will be heard above the mix.