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Wampler Dracarys Distortion Pedal


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Wampler Dracarys Distortion with bass, middle, trebble, volume, gain, and 2-way tight/open toggle controls.

About the Wampler Dracarys Distortion

Even since the release of the Triple Wreck in 2008, Brian has been wanting to make a more modern version of the gain, a more contemporary tone designed for modern high gain players. The trouble is, it kept changing - moving - developing.

Wampler Dracarys Features:

  • 3 band active EQ to sculpt the tone perfectly, also included is a gain switch giving you two different styles of distortion.
  • Open - is, as you might guess, extremely open and free - minimal compression with maximum tone.
  • Tight brings in a natural compression, like a tube amp being driven to the very edge... the great thing about the tight is that when on a lower gain setting it can do a really good lower gain tone as well, this setting makes the Dracarys one of the most versatile modern distortions available today.
  • There is no waste with this pedal, all tones are useable and easily available.

A True Monster

A modern monster of gain - everything you love about high gain but with that contemporary depth, aggression, clarity and power to blow every other pedal away...

Product Specifications:

Pedal Type: Distortion
Inputs: 1 x 1/4" instrument
Outputs: 1 x 1/4" instrument
Power: 9v DC or battery (power supply not included)
Draw: 31mA
Length: 2.5"
Width: 4.50
Height: 1.5"
Manufacturer Part Number: DRACARYS