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USED DIGIMET DigiVoice Wireless PA System

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About this item

DigiVoice is Digimets top of the line wireless PA system, perfect for marching rehearsal or any event where you need the power to be heard. The DigiVoice system boasts a distinct combination of features that make it second to none.

DigiMet DigiVoice Features:

  • Rugged construction for reliability on the job
  • Available with single or dual channel wireless microphones (hand- held, lapel or headset style selections)
  • Rechargeable battery; up to 6 hours use with a single channel microphone and 5 hours with dual channel microphones.
  • Each wireless system provides 100 channels; the wireless unit will automatically select channels that are interference-free.
  • Each wireless channel can also be used for axillary inputs.
  • Multiple DigiVoice units can be synced to the same channels so the sound can be dispersed over the largest practice field.
  • The DigiVoice may be synced with multiple D4 metronomes.
  • Speaker mount fits most standard speaker stands
  • Wireless transmitter good to 500 feet (line of sight, fresh batteries, and ideal conditions)
  • Self contained amplifier (140 watt peak)