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DW Design Series Acrylic 5pc Shell Kit

Item ID: DDAC2215CL

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DW Design Series Acrylic 5pc Shell Kit with transparent 5MM thick extruded acrylic shells,STM, True-Pitch tuning, MAG Throw-Off, and F.A.S.T toms.

About the DC Design Series Acrylic 5pc

Clearly the top choice on every drummer's wish list this year. They're the first acrylics to receive the DW moniker.

DW Design Series Acrylic Features:

  • 5MM thick extruded seamless acrylic shells.
  • STM (Suspension Tom Mounts)
  • True-Pitch tuning
  • MAG Throw-Off
  • F.A.S.T (Fundamentally Accurate-Sized Toms)
  • DW heads by REMO


The DW Design Series Acrylic 5pc Shell Kit was made to give that unique look and professional sound DW is known for.

Product Specifications:

Pieces: 5pc
Material: Acrylic
Bass Drum: 18x22"
Floor Tom: 14x16"
Toms: 8x10"; 9x12"
Snare Drum: 5.5x14"
Hardware and Cymbals: Sold Separately
Manufacturer Part Number: DDAC2215CL