DEMO Cannonball 790RL-B Professional Series Bb Trumpet - Black Nickel | Palen Music Trumpet $2,995.00 Cannonball

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DEMO Cannonball 790RL-B Professional Series Bb Trumpet - Black Nickel

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DEMO 790RL-B Professional Series Bb Trumpet - Black Nickel Plated

With the reverse leadpipe design, medium-large bore, and extra-large Big Bell® design the 790RL is a free-blowing dream while maintaining a quality of sound ideal for leading, filling out a section, and solo playing alike. The 790RL B professional trumpet is made in the USA by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience.


The hand-hammered one piece Big Bell® projects a bold, clear sound with body and depth, yet is versatile for many situations and styles.


The bore size prioritizes a large air column while maintaining superb facility. While nominally a Medium Large bore, there are variations in the tube diameter across the instrument which create a comfortable degree of resistance as well as aligning pitch for great slotting.


The long, undisturbed air column created by a reverse leadpipe allows for outstanding fluidity and exceptional intonation.


Cannonball® 790RL B professional trumpets feature Monel piston valves. Monel is a malleable metal alloy that insures smooth and long-lasting action. The metal rearranges its shape with every stroke to insure a proper, tight fit and alignment with its casing. Monel resists pitting and corrosion. Beautiful, semi-precious stone finger buttons are a novel part of each Cannonball trumpet.


  • Reverse Leadpipe
  • Big Bell: 5.38"
  • Bore Size: .460" (136.6MM)
  • Straight Resonance Bracing
  • Resonance Ring
  • One Piece Hand Hammered Bell
  • Monel Piston Valves
  • Two Tuning Slides
  • Fixed 3rd Valve Slide Ring and 3rd Valve Slide Stopper
  • Hand Engraved
  • Heavy Wall Resonance Receiver
  • Semi-Precious Stone Finger Buttons
  • Accessories, Mouthpiece and Case
  • Acoustically Hand Customized and Adjusted by a Professional

The instrument pictured is the actual instrument you will receive. It has never been owned or purchased. It has only ever been a sales floor demo model.