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Musser M86KM Classic Vibraphone (#KV14)

Item ID: KV14

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Musser M86KM Classic Vibe with 3 octave range, black aluminum finish, aluminum resonators, and a straight resonator shape.

About Musser

Clair Omar Musser was a gifted marimba performer, conductor, composer, and marimba designer. He was even trained as an aircraft engineer. In 1930, he became the chief engineer and designer for the JC Deagan Mallet Instrument Company and in 1948, left to start the Musser Mallet Company in the Chicago area.

Product Specifications:

Multi-Speed Rotor: Yes
Octave Range: 3
Note Range: F3-F6
Standard Tuning: A=442
Bar Material: Aluminum
Bar Finish: Black
Bar Graduation: 1.5"-2.25"
Resonators: Aluminum
Resonator Shape: Straight
Resonator Finish: Charcoal Powder Coat
Frame Style: 1.5" Square Steel
Frame Finish: Matte Black
Low End Width: 30"
High End Width: 15.5"
Length: 56"
Height: 34"-44"

Item #: KV14