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Caroline Shigeharu Olympia Fuzz


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Caroline Shigeharu Olympia Fuzz with drive, body, tone and level controls. Octave/Havoc footswitch with parallel blend function. Two additional inner controls; bias/gate and a mute/kill footswitch option.

About this item

Tired of your fuzz getting lost in the mix? Wish you could just pour molten sonic gravy from your speakers? Imagine classic Muff-style fuzziness with the punch of a classic overdrive, and you have Shigeharu.

Caroline Shigeharu Fuzz Features:

  • Using a cascading hybrid of op-amp and BC184 transistor gain stages, Shigeharu provides all the sweet singing sustain and massive flamethrower gain you crave.
  • Unprecedented clarity, improved punch and definition, and consistent performance wherever it sits in your signal chain – even after buffers or wireless units.
  • Combine that with the parallel octave-up voiced fuzz available on demand with the Havoc* stomp and you have a whole lot of nasty right here.