Butler Trombones C10 Tenor Trombone w/F Rotor .547 Bore | Palen Music Trombone $5,100.00 Butler Trombones

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Butler Trombones C10 Tenor Trombone w/F Rotor .547 Bore

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Butler C10 Tenor Trombone w/F Rotor .547 Bore

The C10 Tenor trombone 

The C10 bell section is a modular design.  The standard CF bell is 8.5 inches and includes a carbon fiber tuning slide. This bell/tuning slide combination is mounted with a CF F tuning slide and Instrument Innovations valve section. The C10 slide is a standard Bach 42 width .547 bore slide.

Standard features:

  • C10 .547 bore.
  • Total weight is 3 lbs with valve section. 
  • Standard finish is: Satin lacquer on the valve section. Un-lacqueered polished nickel silver on all slide sections. Carbon fiber parts are matte finish with high luster on the inside of the bell.
  • 2 carbon fiber leadpipes, one short and one long matched and play tested to each horn included
  • Bi-threaded cork barrel takes both fine and course threads
  • Curved "Williams style" hand brace
  • Chrome plated nickel silver inner slides
  • All carbon fiber outer slide weighing 80 grams
  • Speedyflo water key
  • Carbon fiber 8 1/2" bell at .03 wall thickness for excellent response.
  • Carbon fiber tuning slides
  • Instrument Innovations rotary valve.
  • Protech gig bag with Butler logo
  • Magic cleaning wand and BERP bio lube

The Instrument Innovations Tenor Rotary Valve plays more open than a traditional rotary valve without the extra wind required by an axial flow. Ball bearing technology allows lightning fast, smooth, and quiet operation. The pressure releases at half stroke with the venting system, which is only possible because of their precision machining. No lapping required. The rotor rides between bearings which eliminates the abrasion that causes the valve to lose seal.

Speedyflo waterkey, New and Improved!!!

We changed the shape of the lever to allow for water to drain much better to avoid the dreaded "pool" of water at the base of the lever. Butler Speedyflo © water key has a very large opening to allow for quick release of moisture. It does not change the flow of air through the tube as there is no "dimple" on the inside of the tube. It uses an O ring to seal the opening and has a curved shaped plunger that matches the inside wall of the tube. In addition it uses a compression spring for much longer spring life.

Carbon Fiber Leadpipes!

We build these with a very thin wall to allow for very fast response and great articulation. We offer two sizes for each bore size. Short and long versions. The short version has a wide open sound with very little resistance. The longer version is more focused with slightly more resistance. The threaded “nut” is 3D printed carbon fiber and is very durable. We offer these in course (Shires) or fine (Edwards) threads.