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Blue Microphones Bluebird

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Large-Diaphragm Studio Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Hand-Built Capsule, Pop Filter, and Shockmount. Used with any instrument imagineable

Top-Flight Sound, Versatile Performance

When you pair pristine sound with highly versatile performance, you get Bluebird‰ÛÓthe Class A large-diaphragm condenser microphone for recording any sound source. Bluebird features a proprietary hand-tuned capsule, transformerless design and discrete circuitry to deliver brilliant highs, punchy mids and rich lows that make every detail of your sound come to life.

Capture vocals that stand out in the mix, express the true tone of your guitars, piano and percussion, and enhance the warmth of stringed instruments and brass‰ÛÓall with the Bluebird microphone.

Total Versatility for Every Session

We built Bluebird with total versatility in mind. The discreet Class-A circuitry and hand-built large diaphragm cardioid capsule deliver sonic accuracy, transparency and exceptional punch. You get the flexibility to track a wide variety of sound sources‰ÛÓfrom vocals, acoustic instruments and piano, to amp cabs, drum overheads and percussion. It‰۪s a one-of-a-kind mic, for every kind of performance.

Blue Microphones Bluebird Condenser Microphone Features at a Glance:

  • Capture a singer‰۪s unique vocal character in stunning detail
  • Get full-frequency guitar and instrument recordings
  • Track any instrument, for any genre, with one mic

A Complete Solution

Bluebird is one of our best-selling condenser microphones. Professionals and recordists around the world use it to record music, voice-overs and more. Bluebird also includes a custom shockmount, metal mesh pop filter and custom protective wood box, making it a complete microphone solution ready for recording.

Modern Sound for Modern Musicians

When you‰۪re in need of modern vocals that jump out with clarity, punch and presence, there‰۪s the Bluebird microphone. The sonic accuracy and powerful punch is perfect for creating tracks that sparkle with energy and make ears perk up and listen.

True Blue Heritage

The world‰۪s top artists and studios use Blue microphones to create their signature styles. Each mic in our lineup features unique personality, distinct sonic characteristics and specialized features so you can capture your own iconic sounds. Bluebird brings this same heritage for inspiring and design and performance to your music.

Blue Microphones Bluebird Features:

  • Discrete Class A-circuitry for high-end performance/li>
  • Hand-built proprietary large-diaphragm capsule for full, open sound
  • Accurate presence and transparency for any voice or instrument
  • High output with balanced full-frequency response
  • Works great with home studio USB audio interfaces

A Bluebird In-Han is Worth Two...

Want to add depth, complexity and ambience to your tracks? Recording in stereo with two Bluebird mics delivers all that and more. Experiment with ‰ÛÏXY‰۝ and ‰ÛÏDecca Tree‰۝ mic placements when recording piano, acoustic guitar, drums and percussion‰ÛÓor even your favorite amplifier. With Bluebird‰۪s pristine sound quality and clarity, you can capture the rich detail of any instrument.

Suggested Applications

In studio for voice, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, strings, drum overheads, or any other instrument imaginable.

Product Specifications:

Microphone Type: Condenser
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Diaphragm Size: 1.02" (26mm)
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Max SPL: 133dB
Output Impedance: 50 ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio: 87dB (A weighted)
Self Noise: 5.5dB (A Weighted)
Color: Black
Connector: XLR
Weight: 0.77 lbs.
Included Accessories: Shock Mount, Pop Filter, Wood Box
Manufacturer Part Number: 00754501