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Bad Cat Cub 30 Watts Head

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Bad Cat Cub 30 Watts Head 

One Big Sweet Spot

The Cub was among the original Bad Cat designs – boutique and highly desired, it has been used on countless stages and recording sessions. Its original circuitry was simple and yet extremely versatile, offering punch and chime. It gained up smoothly and set the standard for touch responsiveness, establishing itself as a classic. Over the years, this amp’s design has been refined and improved. Every iteration brings something new to the table and the newest Bad Cat Cub is no exception.

A single channel amplifier now with two distinct gain modes, clean and overdrive. The original Cub circuitry has been further developed and is accessed in the clean mode on this amplifier. In this mode, the Cub Is capable of bright chiming, classic clean tones to smooth, touch responsive edge of breakup. Switch the front panel toggle to overdrive mode to engage an additional tube gain stage for more harmonic content and complexity not found on prior Cub models. The new Cub also offers two switchable independent master volume controls that can be preset for lead and rhythm volumes. The Cub has been further expanded by adding a powerful midrange control, studio quality reverb, and a fully buffered effects loop. 

You can understand why the Bad Cat Team is so excited to introduce the new Cub and how hard it was to stop playing it long enough to write this. 


  • 30 Watts
  • 2 foot switchable gain modes lets you dial your tone 
  • Foot switchable master volume controls give you great presets for rhythm and lead
  • Studio quality reverb
  • Buffered FX Loop


  • Designed and Built in Costa Mesa, California
  • Custom Hand-wound Bad Cat Transformers
  • 30 Watts
  • 2 – EL34 Power Tubes
  • 3 – 12AX7 Tubes
  • Single Channel
  • Clean / Overdrive Gain Selector Switch
  • 2 Switchable Master Volumes  
  • Studio Quality Reverb
  • Buffered FX Loop
  • Two Button Footswitch: Clean / OD and Master One / Two
  • Individual Speaker Outputs (4, 8, 16, 2x4, 2x8 ohms)
  • Line Out
  • Baltic Birch Cabinet
  • 3-year Limited Warranty
  • Two Button Footswitch Included

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