Amplified Nation Overdrive Reverb 50 Watt Combo - Ivory Suede/Purple Skulls | Palen Music Guitar Amplifier Combo $4,628.00 Amplified Nation

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Amplified Nation Overdrive Reverb 50 Watt Combo - Ivory Suede/Purple Skulls

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Amplified Nation Wonderland Overdrive Reverb 50 Watt Combo - Ivory Suede/Purple Skulls


The Overdrive Reverb offers a wide range of exceptional tones, both clean and overdriven, making it a truly versatile and musical amplifier packed with fantastic features to help you achieve any desired tone.

The clean tones produced by this amp are rich in character, offering you the option to bask in sparkling brightness and clarity or explore the mellower and more rounded clean tones. On the other hand, the overdrive feature provides a strong and uncompressed raw bite, allowing your instrument's voice to cut through the mix and establish a deep connection. Each channel is equipped with its own preamp "gain" controls, and a "ratio" control on the back panel acts as a master volume for each channel. You can access the channels using the mini toggle switch on the front of the amp or through the included footswitch, which also provides a "preamp boost" feature available through a manual switch on the back of the amp.

Aside from the extensive tonal options provided by the two channels, one of the most remarkable aspects of the Overdrive Reverb is its tube-powered spring reverb. This amp boasts the most intricate reverb circuit in our lineup, enveloping your guitar's notes in a lush and spacious effect. You can tailor the reverb's depth using the send control and adjust its level in the mix with the return control, resulting in a beautifully transparent and fluid reverb that responds perfectly. Whether you desire a subtle ambiance or extreme levels of reverberation, this amp has more than enough of the effect to satisfy your needs.

Another standout feature of this amp is the ratio controls located on the back. These independent master volumes for each channel provide further level balancing options, allowing you to achieve excellent low-volume tones or capture the essence of a cranked preamp. The amp delivers a strong and robust output, and the six-tube preamp's additional gain stages greatly enhance the complex voice of the Overdrive Reverb, creating an organic connection with your guitar. Additionally, the amp includes a normal input and a FET input that adds a transistor gain stage to push the preamp a bit harder. The bright, deep, and rock/jazz switch settings offer even more tonal possibilities, making the Overdrive Reverb one of the best guitar amplifier experiences available today.


  • Great take on a legendary American amp
  • Ratio controls let you independently control the master volume of each channel
  • Tube powered spring reverb
  • 2 Celestion G-12 speaker
  • Handmade in the USA


  • Power Tubes6L6
  • Power100w
  • Channel1
  • Spring ReverbTube powered 
  • SpeakersCelestion G12-65
  • Effects LoopYes
  • Speaker Output4/8/16
  • FootswitchTwo-button footswitch with locking DIN cable

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