Amplified Nation Wonderland Overdrive 50 Watt Combo - Purple Suede | Palen Music Guitar Amplifier $4,028.00 Amplified Nation

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Amplified Nation Wonderland Overdrive 50 Watt Combo - Purple Suede

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Amplified Nation Wonderland Overdrive 50 Watt Combo - Purple Suede

The Wonderland Overdrive stands out in its own category, combining big and shimmering cleans with a throaty high gain overdrive to create a versatile amplifier that elevates your guitar tone to new heights. With easy-to-use controls, onboard spring reverb, and half power option, this amp is designed to meet your needs.

The clean channel of this amplifier showcases a remarkable American voicing reminiscent of vintage Fender amps. Its well-balanced EQ immediately catches your attention and establishes a connection with the amp, allowing you to fully engage and explore its capabilities. It maintains its clarity even at high volumes, providing ample headroom and serving as an excellent platform for pedals.

On the drive channel, you'll find a smooth overdrive with intricate harmonics and a distinctive growl. Loaded with tones ranging from classic rock to blues, hard rock, and funk, this amp delivers in every genre. It boasts incredible sustain, bloom, and responsiveness to your pick attack, achieving the ideal balance of sensitivity. Fine-tuning your sound is a breeze, thanks to the convenient EQ boosts and "Preamp Boost" available on both channels.

Crafted with precision, the amp features a hand-built construction housed in a durable powder-coated aluminum chassis. The circuit boards are CNC punched, and meticulous wiring using high-end components such as Orange Drop capacitors, F&T electrolytic filters, Dale and Koa resistors, Classic tone, and Heyboer Transformers ensures top-notch performance.

Included with the amp are a two-button footswitch (for channel switching and boost activation) and a custom DIN cable.


  • Great take on a legendary American amp
  • 2 cascading channels
  • Tube powered spring reverb
  • Celestion G-12 speaker
  • Handmade in the USA


  • Power Tubes6L6
  • Power50/22w
  • Channel2
  • Spring ReverbTube powered 
  • SpeakersCelestion Creamback
  • Effects LoopYes
  • Speaker Output4/8/16
  • FootswitchTwo-button footswitch with locking DIN cable

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