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Allen & Heath 16x16 Audio Matrix Processor (AHAHM16)

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Allen & Heath 16x16 Audio Matrix Processor (AHAHM16)

With an unrivalled price-performance ratio, AHM-16 delivers a 16x16 matrix with uncompromised processing for single room applications and smaller multi-room environments including bars, restaurants, shops and school halls.

  • 16x16 processing matrix
  • Sound management + installation
  • 8x8 local analogue I/O
  • Screen + 4 SoftKeys
  • I/O Port for audio networking, up to 128x128
  • Dante 96kHz option card
  • 16 configurable processing outputs
  • Automatic Mic Mixer
  • 16x16 processing matrix
  • 8x8 local analogue I/O
  • I/O Port for audio networking, up to 128x128
  • Dante 96kHz option card (AES67 and DDM ready)
  • SLink 128x128 option card for audio expansion
  • 16 configurable processing outputs – mono / stereo zones or speaker processing
  • 96kHz FPGA core with ultra-low latency
  • Front panel screen and navigation
  • 4x SoftKeys
  • Compatible with IP1, IP6, IP8 remote controllers
  • 2x2 local GPIO plus networkable GPIO interface
  • TCP/IP protocol for third party integration
  • Crestron, AMX and Extron drivers
  • Mac / Windows System Manager software
  • Custom Control app and editor for BYOD
  • 4 user profiles
  • Integrated stereo playback
  • Event scheduler


In addition to remote controllers, GPIO and 3rd party integration, AHM-16 has a front panel screen and 4x programmable SoftKeys for intuitive volume control, source select, preset recall and more.


  • Automatic Mic Mixer
  • ANC (Ambient Noise Compensation)
  • Priority Ducking
  • 8-band PEQ, dynamics and delay on every input and zone
  • Speaker processing with x-over filter, delay, limiter and PEQ