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Legere LEBS35 #3.5 Synthetic Baritone Saxophone Reed

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Legere #3.5 Signature Synthetic Bari Sax Reed produces a warm, rich tone in all registers. Signature Series reeds are made from a stiffer material and are cut thinner than our Classic reeds. These changes make the Signature Series reeds more flexible across the tip, producing a full spectrum of overtones and a beautiful sound with minimum effort.

About the Legere Lebs3.5

The European Cut Signature Series for B♭ Soprano is the next advancement in Légère synthetic reed development. The reed is characterized by a slightly shorter and wider vamp that is comfortable in the embouchure. There is a band of extra material along the spine that provides rigidity without compromising the reed's free blowing nature or high register stability.

*The European Cut Signature Series is designed specifically for French mouthpieces and will not work on most German mouthpieces.