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Roland Compact V-Drum Stand - MDSCOM


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Roland MDS-COM Overview

The Roland MDS-Compact is a compact drum stand designed for TD-17 Series V-Drums kits. It contains all hardware and pad mounting options and can be used for standard drum settings with two cymbals or three cymbals.

The MDS-Compact features an integrated H frame at its center to ensure stability for the entire kit. The ball clamps used for the snare pad mount and cymbal mount allow for subtle angle adjustments and flexible settings. The stand also supports the installation of a third-party hi-hat stand for holding a Roland V hi-hat.

For convenience, the MDS-Compact can be folded with the sound source and pads attached.


  • 1 pad mount (ball clamp type)
  • 3 pad mounts
  • 3 cymbal mounts (with cymbal nut and felt washer)
  • Sound source mounting plate is not included