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Yamaha YOB-441M Intermediate Oboe

Item ID: YOB441M

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About this item

Yamaha oboes achieve a clear sound quality and superb intonation by dramatically improving the precision and stability of the bore. Also to cope with various durability issues inherent in wooden wind instruments, Duet+ models employ innovative techniques to form a protective layer next to the air column. The combination of precious wood and state-of -the-art resin is not simply a "Duet" of tradition and technology - it's a "Plus" advantage indee

YOB-441M Intermediate Oboe Features at a Glance:

  • Insert Molding
  • Toneholes
  • Joint Tenon
  • Marking

Insert Molding

Using patented technology, the injection-molded inner bore is designed to resist cracking while also stabilizing the bore which adds consistency and durability. The upper joint body is drilled out slightly larger around the bore and tone-holes. Thermoplastic ABS resin is injected into the cavity, instantly forming the inner shape of an oboe. It is designed to preserve as much as 90% of the wooden portion, while its natural appearance is hardly distinguishable from conventional all-wooden models.


Upper-joint tone-holes (except metal octave vents) are molded simultaneously with the resin bore.

Joint Tenon

The upper joint tenon is also formed as an extension to the resin bore. This ensures smooth connection between the joints even under moist conditions.


The gold-colored trademark logo is stamped on the back of the upper joint.

Product Specifications:

System: Simplified Conservatoire (semi-automatic octave system)
Key System: Identical to models without the 'M' suffix
Mechanical features: Left-hand F key, Fork F resonance key, Low Bb key
Trill keys: C#-D#, F#-G#, Ab-Bb, A#-B, B-C#, left C-D, right C-D
Bell Diameter: 12 1/8"
Pads: 8 cork, 15 felt pads
Body material: Grenadilla Insert injected ABS resin (upper joint)
Body/ Bell Material: Yellow Brass: Nickel(YHR-668NII)
Bell Type: Fixed; Detachable (YHR-668DII/NDII)
Key materials: Silver-plated nickel silver keys
Mouthpiece: 30D4
Toneholes: ABS resin (except metal octave vents, upper joint only)