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Shubb C1 Standard Capo for Steel String Guitar (Polished Nickel)


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Shubb C1 Standard Capo for Steel String Guitar (Polished Nickel)

The C1 is the most popular Shubb model. It fits most steel string guitars, acoustic or electric. It is crafted of brass, nickel-plated, and polished to a mirror finish.

When the Shubb capo was first introduced about 40 years ago, guitarists throughout the world fell in love with it. They’re still in love with it today. We’ve given it a few tweaks through the years, but its basic mechanical principle remains the same: a unique over-center locking mechanism that provides an unrivaled combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease of use. One smooth flip of the lever locks it securely in place and removes it just as quickly.


  • Fits most steel-string guitars - acoustic AND electric
  • Patented over-center locking action provides smooth operation
  • Soft rubber pad emulates a fingertip, so it doesn't bend strings over the frets
  • Closing action emulates a hand, so it doesn't pull the strings off center
  • Eliminates the need to re-tune simply because you've incorporated a capo
  •  Small and stylish, extremely unobtrusive

Shubb Standard Capos from Shubb Capos on Vimeo.