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Meris Enzo (Multi Voice Intrument Synthesizer Pedal)


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Palen Music Center loves the Meris brand of pedals.  They are founded by one of the original folks that started the Strymon company and are built with the exact same quality that we have come to know and love from Strymon.  The appealing thing about Meris is that every one of their pedals sounds fantastic but also allows you to get truly strange with your sound (if you want to).  Meris pedals are some of our very best sellers currently- buy one today and you will soon see why.  We will even throw in FREE 2-DAY Express Shipping.  Don't wait- there is fun to be had!  BUY NOW!


A multi-voice synthesizer that will track your guitar for tight monosynth leads, complex chord polyphony, or multi-note sequenced arpeggiation. All without any special pickup installation. Just put it on your board and discover your own reality. The Enzo isn’t limited to guitar; use it on any instrument whether drum machine, vocals or other synths. Completely transform your input signal and synthesize. Use the full synth palette of multimode analog style synth filters, ring modulation, envelopes and much much more to drive punchy, thick synth textures. Or, explore an altered state of your pure instrument signal by transforming it with pitch, time and modulation effects. Plug in to a revelation generator.