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Conn-Selmer 8DR Double French Horn-Rose Brass Bell

Item ID: 8DR

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The C.G. Conn 8DR offers the flexibility and projection a horn player needs to succeed at all levels. Its traditional large throat bell and lighter weight all nickel construction than most horns makes this a perfect match for any player.

About the Conn 8DR Double Horn

The C.G. Conn 8DR has been one of the world's most popular horns for decades. It maintains a design that makes the horn very responsive and free-blowing with excellent tonal balance.

Conn 8DR Features:

  • .468" Bore
  • Kruspe Wrap
  • 12-1/4" Large Throat Nickel Silver Bell
  • All Nickel Silver Construction
  • Tapered Rotors and Bearings
  • Mechanical Change Valve
  • Adjustable Lever Bridge

Staying True to Tradition

Its traditional large throat bell and all nickel construction give a beautiful, dark sound with rich depth. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. Well suited for players of all ages and abilities.

Product Specifications:

Key: Key of F/Bb
Bore: .468"
Finish: Clear Lacquer
Plating: Nickel Silver/Rose Brass Bell
Mouthpiece: C.G. Conn 7BW
Case: 7614C Plastic Shell
Manufacturer Part Number: 8DR