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Blackstar Jared James Signature 20 - 20-watt JJN-20RH MkII head and JJN-212VOC MkII cabinet

Item ID: JJN20RH212SET

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Blackstar Jared James Signature 20 - 20-watt JJN-20RH MkII head and JJN-212VOC MkII cabinet

Blackstar are proud to announce the limited edition Jared James Nichols JJN-20RH MkII signature valve amp head with matching JJN-212VOC MkII cabinet.

EL84s are at the tonal heart of Jared’s JJN-20RH MkII head. With a wider radius box, stunning racing green tolex and distinctive tilt-back design the JJN-20RH MkII is as eye catching as it looks.

Jared has been using Blackstar for nine years to deliver his unique BLUESPOWER tone. His high- energy performances and ‘pick-less’ guitar playing technique have seen his reputation continue to grow year on year, as more people are introduced to his unique blend of blues grit and gusto, through to bombastic arena-size rock ‘n’ roll.

Jared spent time at Blackstar HQ in Northampton, England working on the voicing and cosmetic designs to ensure this amp would deliver his sound night after night as he tours the world. The results are both sonically and visually stunning.


  • Designed by noted blues guitarist Jared James Nichols
  • Tonal versatility is provided by two footswitchable channels with voicing controls
  • The clean channel may provide everything from a bright, tight American sound to a chiming British clean tone
  • The BLUESPOWER overdrive channel produces everything from harsh British overdrive to Blackstar's famed HT Venue MkII high-gain sound, while the Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) dials in American and British high-gain tones
  • The power reduction circuit reduces your wattage to a bedroom-friendly level. 2 watts
  • Speaker-emulated output with 1 x 12" and 4 x 12" choices for recording or going straight to a PA Effects loop with Loop Level switch allows for easy integration of your pedalboard and other effects USB audio output allows for easy recording
  • Tolex finish in racing green is eye-catching



  • 20 Watt head
  • ECC83 preamp valve
  • 2x EL84 power amp valves
  • Unique Jared James Nichols panel design
  • Clean and BLUESPOWER channels
  • Footswitchable Voices for Clean and BLUESPOWER
  • Power reduction to 2 Watts
  • USB audio out
  • XLR D.I. Out
  • Studio quality reverb
  • 2-button footswitch included


  • 2x12 vertical cabinet
  • Semi-open/closed rear panel
  • 160 Watts
  • 4Ω and 16Ω mono speaker inputs
  • Racing green tolex
  • Tan basketweave fret
  • Distinctive tilt-back design head
  • one Celestion V-TYPE speaker and one Celestion G12T-75 speaker

Condition: Brand New

The amp is the exact amp you’ll receive.

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